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August 1, 2003

Stephen M. Apatow
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The State of Washington Department of Agriculture is leading the nation in efforts establish solid contingency plans for any foreign animal disease outbreak.  In the January 2003 Quarterly Animal Health Newsletter, State Veterinarians Message, Dr. Robert W. Mead shared: 

"Shortly, all large animal clinics on our mailing list will receive a letter detailing the veterinary reserve group that we want to set up to help deal with foreign animal diseases, should one occur in our state. It was mentioned in the last newsletter and we have five names from that early announcement. There is an FAD on-line course with an exam and a certificate if you submit the test. That course will give you a start on your training. The certificate will be a prerequisite for the reserve members. For the course, go to "

From the cooperative agreement---Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) will establish a group of approximately 25 reserve veterinary medical officers (VMO) from the ranks of private veterinary practitioners in the state.  This group will be available to WSDA and USDA as temporary hire employees in the event of an emergency response.  WSDA will hire or contract a coordinator for the recruitment, selection, training and management of this group.

An initial training will be provided to the reserve VMOs to include an overview of foreign and emerging diseases, other risks to the livestock population, the concept of local, state and federal emergency and response plans.  Upon completion of the initial training, the reserve VMOs will be periodically updated with relevant disease and response planning information. 

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